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Bananimal - Jimmy The Juice Man E Liquid

Bring out your inner animal with this blend of tropical, sweet flavors that will make you want to swing from tree to tree using just your tail. The amount of great taste that you are going to get from this completely realistic blend is going to stop you dead in your tracks and have you wondering how you are going to ever be able to eat the real thing when you have a reproduction that is just this fabulous around. There is no doubt about it, this juice is very special and it is going to add a whole lot into your collection that you will be able to really appreciate. The next time that you are sitting in your house wishing that there was something you could do to be able to get a little bit of those summer time vibes imparted onto your day, you will find that this selection is able to do just the trick. Imagine being in the middle of some lush rainforest where you feel the warm humidity, see the gorgeous greenery and hear the songs of beautiful exotic birds in the air, flapping their wings. Jimmy The Juice Man E Liquid is a really extensive line of flavors that bring an exceptional amount of quality into everything that they do. They create juices that you just can't help but loving no matter how hard that you try to deviate away from them you will find that you just keep on coming back to them time and time again. Bananimal is pure, sweet, super creamy banana flavor that will be just as soothing as it is exciting. You will not want to miss out on this simply divine blend!

Primary Flavors: Smoothie, Banana