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Acrylic Resin "Honor" Mech Mod by SMOKJOY

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These brand new Honor Mods by SMOKJOY have arrived at The City. Bringing in a sleek, Acrylic Resin Design, these stylish Mech Mods are perfect for the collector and mech enthusiast. They feature a full 24K Gold Plated Adjustible Firing Pin And is available in Copper with your choice of Resin Color.

1. Size: 25mm x 88mm

2. Magnetic Fire Button

3. Material: Copper & Multi-color resin coating

4. 24K Gold plated adjustable pin

5. Colors: Black, Yellow, Blue, Orange

Disclaimer – Mechanical Mods are for advanced users. Responsible use requires knowledge of batteries, springs, magnets, firing pin adjustments, switches and compatible atomizers. Mechanical Mods can be dangerous if used irresponsibly or modified. Lithium ion batteries can be dangerous if used incorrectly and may cause malfunction or serious injury if: exposed to extreme temperatures; overcharged; stored outside of a battery case; liquids; utilized with incompatible components; punctured; crushed or modified to exceed energy capacities.

  • Understand Amperage Limit. DO NOT strain battery
  • Replace batteries with torn wraps
  • Keep batteries in approved casing
  • Keep your charger in sight
  • Buy Batteries from Trusted Source
  • DO NOT use Damaged Batteries
  • DO NOT Leave batteries in car
  • DO NOT keep batteries in your pocket with lose change or keys
  • DO NOT allow battery to come in contact with water

This device is strictly for ADVANCED USERS and it is NOT recommended for beginners or those who do not fully understand your battery's Amp Limits in correlation with your Atomizer's Resistance. Use new/genuine high drain batteries with this device. Please be aware that there is no low-voltage protection, so be aware of what voltage your batteries are firing at. There is also no over-current protection, so keep in mind the amp limitations of your batteries as well. Use with extreme caution and always check your resistance with a meter (check often)! By purchasing the product, you agree that you are knowledgeable on how to properly use this product and that we are NOT responsible for any misuse or accidental malfunctions of this product.